4 Reasons your Business Needs a Better Inventory System

Inventory management is one of the most essential aspects of running a business. Over the long term companies that are able to manage their inventory effectively are generally in better position to make long term investments in the business. There are many people who are interested in investing in upgrading their inventory management system. Here are four reasons why every business needs a better inventory system.

Inventory Drives Sales

Having more inventory in the store allows you to maximize sales in an area. Over the long term, the more inventory that is purchased the more can be sold. If you do not have the proper amount of inventory in the system, the total number of sales you hit will be reduced. There are many companies that are struggling to reach their sales goals. Many large retailers are reporting a decrease in sales over the previous year. If you are someone who is trying to jump start the sales of your business, investing in an inventory system that gets more product to the stores is a great way to do so.

Proper Inventory Levels Improves Margin

There are times in a business where there is too much inventory. Having too much inventory on a product is an issue for several reasons. Over a long period of time, the inventory will have to be discounted in order to get it off the floor. This results in margin erosion. The margin on a product is the retail price minus the amount of money that was paid to purchase the product. As a business, enhancing margin over the long term is essential to staying in business. Proper inventory management practices can help greatly in this area. Having a system that works for you to enhance inventory levels in the right places can help prevent these issues.

Fewer Holding Costs

There is a holding cost in having too much inventory in the DC. Having the proper inventory levels is essential to reducing holding costs. At the DC level, there are many costs to having too much inventory in an area. Having a large amount of inventory is something that many companies have to deal with. The more times the DC workers have to touch the product, the more money is spent. There is a huge area of opportunity to maximize the efficiency of DC level work at many companies.

Store Execution

Investing in a better inventory system will allow stores that work within your company to have better store execution for different events. This is essential to the store looking full and shopped for customers. Anyone who is interested in providing a better experience for customers needs to invest in a better inventory system. Over a long period of time, this is an investment that will pay off greatly. There are many companies that are interested in upgrading the look and feel of their stores. Investing in your inventory system is one of the best ways to do this.

8 Easy Money-Saving Tips for College Students

The cost of going to college continues to rise. Along with tuition, college students need to budget for course materials, lab fees, food, transportation, and other hidden costs of getting a degree. Here are eight ways college students can save money on everything from textbooks and school supplies to transportation.

1. Rent Books or Buy Used
According to the Chicago Tribune, the average full-time undergrad at a 4-year public school spent more than $1,200 on books and supplies alone for the 2014-2015 school year. The cost of textbooks can add up quickly, but you don’t need to buy everything new. There are a few ways to save money on textbooks including buying used books online, buying digital textbooks (which usually cost less), and renting books from sites like Amazon and BigWords.

2. Check for student savings
Many retailers offer savings for college students, often during the back-to-school season. For example, Apple offered college students up to a $200 discount on MacBooks. Your student ID can also earn you a discount on car insurance through State Farm, shipping and document services at FedEx, merchandise and food at Sam’s Club, and wireless service through AT&T.

3. Shop around for an affordable loan
If you plan to use student loans to finance your education, make sure you shop around. Be sure your student loan payments will be affordable and have a plan for paying off the loan when the time comes. Start by exploring all grant and financial aid options before turning to loans, then compare student loan providers. Along with federal student loans with low fixed rates, you may want to consider private student loans. Be sure you compare rates with those offered by marketplace lenders like SoFi, which has among the lowest interest rates if you have great credit.

4. Budget for transportation
Transportation is a major hidden expense of going to college and many students aren’t prepared for just how expensive commuting to campus can be. Students usually spend between $1,000 and $1,300 a year on transportation, and paying for transportation with savings in a 529 plan account can be tricky at best, according to US News. Budget for your transportation costs and look into public transportation options.

5. Use discount gift cards
Buy discounted gift cards online to use to save money on everything from clothes and gasoline to food and even textbooks. The amount of money you can save depends on the retailer, but savings can be anywhere from 3% to 25%.

6. Avoid credit card debt
College is the perfect time for building credit that you will need to get an apartment, buy a car, get a mortgage, and even land a job. Still, it can be easy to go overboard and find yourself in debt if you start charging college expenses and entertainment. Avoid temptation; if you get a credit card, use it responsibly and pay the bill in full each month.

7. Prepare your own meals
Many schools require that on-campus students purchase a meal plan, but you can usually choose whether you want a small or large meal plan. Learning to make your own meals won’t just save you money while you’re in college; it will also help you save money after you land a job and settle into a home of your own.

8. Take advantage of free campus amenities
Most campuses offer plenty of free amenities and entertainment that can help you save money. Most college students spend between $1,800 and $2,000 on personal expenses each year. Reduce this burden by turning to the on-campus gym, sports, dorm dinners, student clubs, and free on-campus entertainment.

5 Reasons to Use Professional Answering Services

A common misconception about professional answering services is that they are an extravagance or they are only suitable for large organizations. The truth is professional answering services are affordable, suitable for both large and small businesses, and can help business owners save time and money and improve their customer service. There are many benefits of using professional answering services.

1. Phone Calls will be handled more efficiently
Business owners and employees handle multiple calls each day. Employees are likely to handle calls from different people in different ways. One of the benefits of professional answering services is that they free up employees to do other things rather than spending hours each day answering phone calls and redirecting calls to the right people.

When people call to ask for directions and inquire about policies, your professional answering service can take care of the issue and save you the interruption of the phone call. In addition, the professional answering service can help answer questions, take messages, and redirect the call to the relevant people.

2. Easy to set up appointments
Professional answering services are particularly suitable for businesses such as doctors and lawyers offices that require appointment scheduling. Business owners no longer have to worry about the hassle of appointment scheduling and their time will no longer be tied up to answering calls and finding dates that work for them and their clients. Once you let someone else handle your calls, your time is better spent meeting with clients and providing other services.

3. Calls Get Answered throughout the day
Most business owners are not always available to take off-hour calls. In fact, you may not even know that someone called until the following day when you check your voice messages. With professional answering services, your calls will be handled at any time of the day or night, and even on holidays. This will make your customers feel that your business is giving them the time and attention that they want. This is a win-win situation where your customers receive 24-hour telephone support and you are freed from worrying about answering off-hour phone calls.

4. Supplement your Staff without the Costs of Hiring
Small businesses are looking for ways of reducing their operational costs and giving their businesses the presence of larger firms. On the other hand, large businesses look for ways of outsourcing their more mundane business tasks and maintaining a professional appearance. This makes professional answering services suitable for both large and small businesses because they fulfill the needs of both.

5. Increase Revenue
Businesses with professional answering services do not only increase their customer’ perception of their businesses, but they also do not miss opportunities for sale. Customers are more likely to leave messages with a live person than with an automatic answering machine. In addition, many professional answering services have developed call answering protocols and programs that ensure clients receive the best possible experience.


Five Ways to Run an Effective Operating Room

The direct link between the composition of surgical personnel and operating room efficiency goes hand and hand. The operating room, more than any other sector within a hospital, is the merging of resources that unite medical personnel, medical equipment and time. Saving time in the operating room is an inarguable demand that is present in every medical facility. With a reduction of time between surgical cases, patients will spend less time actually undergoing surgery or waiting for their time slot. Medical staff is able to perform other necessary duties such as visiting patients. In addition, hospitals can capitalize on a well-deserved reputation for highly efficient surgical practices.

New Technology

An innovative new practice among the nation’s leading hospitals is a main OR dashboard, a valuable tool that allows physicians and administrators to make the right choice when it comes down to allocating time and other pertinent resources.

Additionally, an operating room dashboard identifies areas in need of improvement. As most healthcare professionals know, if there is a delay in the first surgical case, the entire day will most likely be impacted as well. One of the primary reasons for the first delay is a lack of comprehensive data. An automated account of workflow could improve the visibility across the board.

Preoperative Forms are Complete

Maximizing efficiency on the operating rooms begins long before the patient is taken into surgery. Incompleteness of preoperative forms leads to further delays. Ensuring the completeness prior to surgery will increase efficiency while in the surgical suite.

Organization with the Anesthesia Department

How many times has a surgical procedure been delayed because the anesthetist was unavailable. Coordinating schedules accordingly leads to higher levels of efficiency once the patient is in the OR. One way to correct this problem would be to identify the exact processes aimed at correcting the flawed areas. For example, operating rooms could stagger start times so the attending anesthesiologist doesn’t need to be in more than one room at the same time.

Analyzing Data

With analysis of raw data, operating rooms are able to significantly improve levels of efficiency. Findings ways to minimize delays, consolidation of procedures and personal accountability all play a role in the efficiency of the operating room.

Improved Scheduled Process

The decisions that embody the “master” surgical rooster can impact overall performance in the operating room. Miscommunication and scheduling mishaps can be disastrous. Efficiency starts long before the medical staff steps foot in the operating theater. It needs to start in the doctor’s office. Implementing sound scheduling procedures increases the likelihood of a positive outcome on the day of surgery. This includes verifying insurance coverage before the day of the procedure. Many times, surgical cases are postponed for hours due to the lack of insurance verification.

Operating rooms are vital to revenue and patient care. Improving the methodology and redesigning organization from the ground up can improve efficiency dramatically. In any model for improvement measurement of statistical information is the key to accelerating improvement in all sectors.

5 Latin Cuisines to Try This Year

When it comes to exploring foods of Latin America, why not start by looking beyond mainstream Mexican cuisine of Sonoran and Tex-mex origins. Try instead regional Mexican dishes such as Yucatan’s sikil pak, a roasted tomato, chive, and pumpkin seed dip, or poc chuc, mesquite pork shoulder with orange juice, red onion, roasted tomato sauce, avocado, black bean puree, and chorizo. Jalisco’s regional cooking features birria, a slow-cooked, spicy stew of marinated log of goat or lamb and ancho pepper. Oaxaca cuisine features estofadas, corn tortillas with onions, cheese, and various meats, accompanied by a sweet mole of peanuts and mild tomatillos.

When visiting Quito, Ecuador, a city located in the Andes yet straddling the equator, you’ll find the popular dishes reflect the fusion of pre-Columbian, Spanish, Iberian, and Andean peoples and their tastes. You’re likely to find high-end restaurants and local markets alike serving seco de chivo (goat stew), locro de papas (potato soup), empanadas, fritadas, aji sauce, and tamales. The ubiquitous aji sauce, made from cilantro, jalapeno peppers, and lettuce leaves is good atop anything, and Paila ice cream, a regional specialty, was invented here from handmade blackberry sorbet stirred with a wooden spoon.

El Salvador is another Central American cuisine that can be found around the US, including in a Long Island neighborhood. Rincon Guanaco, a “Restaurant Salvadoreno” near the Nassau-Suffolk line features pupusas, the country’s national dish. It’s made of two corn tortillas, stuffed like a pita with chicharron, that is, tomatoes, spices, and pork, and warmed on a Mayan pottery griddle. A tamale can be had wrapped in banana leaves, bursting with potatoes, pork, green peppers, asparagus, chickpeas, and olives, alongside another tamale of smokey, sweet masa. Encurtido or spicy pickled cabbage is a refreshing condiment to lighten any meal.

Peruvian cuisine has famously contributed ceviche to international cuisine, while Pisco, a brandy-like drink, is their national liquor. This cuisine has become recognized internationally in the last few years for the varied dishes produced from its coastal, Andean, and jungle geographical zones and its fusion of pre-Columbian, Inca, Spanish, Basque, African, Asian, French, Italian, and British culinary influences. Ceviche incorporates an assortment of seafood marinated in citrus juice while pollo a la brasa, or marinated, roasted chicken is served with creamy aji sauce, Peruvian spiced casseroles are made from beef, pork, and chicken, skewers of grilled marinated meat are served with garlic sauce, and spicy potato cakes are stuffed with meat, seafood, or vegetables.

Venezuelan cuisine is both Andean and tropical with European influences as well as traditional native dishes. Plantains, coconut, corn, goat, seafood, and pasta make up a vibrant mix of the country’s food. Arepas, or corn cakes, are milder than tamales, perfectly able to soak up juicy flavors of meat, beans, or aji sauce, and often stuffed with meats fillings such as chicken salad with avocado, and then grilled or deep-fried. Patacones are sandwiches made with slices of twice-fried green plantain and generously filled with roast pork, shredded beef, cheese, lettuce or salsas. Pabellon criolo is the traditional beans-and-rice dish accompanied with flank steak, served with fried plantain on the side and topped with a fried egg.

These five Latin American cuisines are a sure start to exploring the rich and vibrant bounty of the Americas south of the border.

5 Important Upcoming Cigar Releases of 2016

The 82nd yearly Universal Premium Stogie and Channel Retailers Affiliation (IPCPR) demonstrate just wrapped up in Las Vegas. Throughout the previous four days, each stogie producer on the planet assembled at The Sands Expo and Tradition Center to show retailers why they ought to purchase their item.

This is regularly when stogie makers flaunt what they’ve been going, after all, year, giving retailers the chance to be first in line for the up and coming discharges. For buyers, what this implies is that those stories you’ve been calmly sitting tight for all year will be in your grasp inside of the next couple of weeks/months!

Stogie Dojo IPCPR scopes consistently

Fortunately, the stogie media is given a sneak look go into the appear, permitting you stogie enthusiasts the opportunity to see what all the buildup is about (and a couple of weeks to put something aside for your freshest buys)! We’ve been posting our most loved show highlights on the Dojo application all week, however for those that need comprehensive look, we’ve aggregated a short rundown of what we feel will be a fascinating discharges to take after the current year’s IPCPR appear.


“We utilize tobacco from Esteli, Condega, Jalapa and Ometepe, the four significant tobacco areas (of) Nicaragua, and it is being made in Estelí by the Plasencia Gang.” said Sánchez in an email to half wheel.

Sánchez would not put a timetable on the discharge, but rather demonstrated it will getting to be one year from now.

What’s more, the organization will be adding Crown and Lance sizes to its other three lines. Sánchez said he will begin with the 1502 Emerald line, with a conceivable discharge in February of one year from now. The Emerald is as of now offered in two box-squeezed sizes: Toro (6 x 50) and Torpedo (6 1/2 x 52). There is an extra Robusto size for the 1502 Ruby while the Dark Gold line likewise includes the 6 x 56 Conquistador. Moreover, the organization makes Perfectos for its parlors.


1502 Dark Gold is to a considerable degree hitting to take a gander at with a coal black and sharp box-press. The stogie is light when held, elastic when pressed and hints at no oil at all. The fragrance from the wrapper brings good kinds of sweet earth, cowhide and anise while the cold draw brings good coffee beans.

Beginning the first third of 1502 Dark Gold puts out bounteous thick white smoke off the foot and kinds of calfskin, abrasive earth, polished oak and coffee beans straight from the icy draw. There is a superb sharp dark pepper on the retro hale that stays steady through the first third and a slight sweet licorice that gets more grounded as the first three attracts to a nearby. Development savvy, the blade is well sharpened sharp, and the draw is amazing with simply the appropriate measure of resistance for a lancer. As the first third closures, I can as of now fondle the quality inclining, and it hits a strong medium pretty effortlessly.


“We utilize tobacco from Esteli, Condega, Jalapa and Ometepe, the four unique tobacco locales (of) Nicaragua, and it is being made in Estelí by the Plasencia Gang.” said Sánchez in an email to half wheel.

Sánchez would not put a timetable on the discharge, but rather showed it will getting to be one year from now.

Likewise, the organization will be adding Crown and Lance sizes to its other three lines. Sánchez said he will begin with the 1502 Emerald line, with a conceivable discharge in February of one year from now. The Emerald is as of now offered in two box-squeezed sizes: Toro (6 x 50) and Torpedo (6 1/2 x 52). There is an extra Robusto size for the 1502 Ruby while the Dark Gold line additionally includes the 6 x 56 Conquistador. Moreover, the organization makes Perfectos for its parlors.


Since it appeared, the 1502 Emerald mix has just been available in two sizes, a 6 x 50 box-squeezed Toro and a 6 1/2 x 52 box-squeezed torpedo. Then again, that will soon be changing, as Sánchez declared in November 2013 that he will be including both a lance and crown to each of the three of 1502’s lines, with the Emerald Lancero planned to show up at the end of February. While the stogie will be a normal creation, its introduction will be constrained to only 200 boxes of 25, for a beginning keep running of 5,000

5 Landscaping Designs Trends to Expect in 2016

Homeowners often want their property to have appeal to maintain its value for a comfortable setting that looks inviting. The landscaping of any property often determines how attractive it is on the outside, making it important to maintain manicured grounds. For 2015, there are a number of landscaping design trends to incorporate into your yard for a beautiful space that will stand out in the neighborhood.

1. Water Features

From waterfalls to small ponds, more homeowners are installing water features that allow the property to feel serene and peaceful. The additions can help to break up the yard with a decorative accent that is beautiful and works as one of the main focal points on the property. Consider building a pond where fish can swim in the backyard or a large fountain that enhances the curb appeal of the front yard.

2. Incorporating Succulents

According to blog.vancouversun.com, succulents are one of the most popular landscaping trends in 2016. The plant is drought resistant and looks beautiful when placed in large decorative containers. Many homeowners favor the plants because they’re low maintenance and are enjoyed for their beautiful design. More people want mainstream sustainability with their landscape for both economic and environmental reasons, making succulents an ideal choice.

3. Fire Pits

Homeowners want to utilize their landscape in the coming year for a space that they can entertain in. Fire pits are a popular feature, which allows guests to make conversation and even dine together next to the open fire. Fire pits are often installed next to outdoor kitchens for a great place to lounge during the spring and summer seasons. Fire pits can also be used to entertain at night or keep warm when spending time outdoors. This helps to add sensory appeal to the backyard and allows it to be more custom with its design.

4. Planting Milkweed

Milkweed is another popular plant that will be seen more in landscape designs in 2016, according to ksby.com. Not only can the plant thrive off of a minimal amount of water, but it also attracts butterflies to the yard. In 2016, demand for milkweed is already at a high for native narrow leaf milkweed, which the monarch butterflies thrive upon. The plant also helps to fill in bare spots on the yard near shrubs or other flowers for a lush addition to the space.

5. Layered Landscapes

Layered landscapes add extra dimension to the yard with a combination of trees, perennials, and confers for a blend of different types of plants that all complement each other. In prior years, many people chose to use the same type of flower on the yard for the appearance of one main meadow. In 2016, more people want diversity in their yard for curb appeal that is truly interesting and attractive.

Layered landscapes are often fun to design for the homeowners and allow them to include their favorite types of trees, plants, and flowers in one general space.

5 Benefits of Adopting a Winter Skin Care Routine

Chilly days give your skin a rosy glow, but for a lot of people, there’s far more to it than that. Winter weather can wreak serious havoc on your skin. Here are five reasons why it’s a good idea to adopt a specific beauty regime just for the winter months.

1. You’ll Give Your Skin Much-Needed Moisture

The moisturizer you use in the spring and summer may not work as well during the winter. Your skin needs more moisture during the winter time because the cold and dry air can zap your skin of hydration. Look for an oil-based ointment moisturizer instead of a water-based moisturizer. The oil adds an extra layer of protection for your skin, helping it to retain moisture. Many night creams are oil-based, so you may want to use a night cream even during the day when the weather turns cold.

2. You’ll Help Your Dry Skin Shed

According to Allure, your skin is in extra need of exfoliation during the wintertime. Gently scrubbing your skin can help your winter moisturizer work better. Dry skin, like the kind you probably have during the winter, means that your dead skin cells don’t shed as easily, which can prevent your moisturizer from sinking in. A mild exfoliant with jojoba beads or fruit enzymes can help.

3. You’ll Lock In Moisture Right Away

During the warm months, you probably wait a while after a shower to apply lotion. Rubbing on cream right away may make you too hot when the weather’s in the 80s. During the winter, though, it’s best to apply lotion within three minutes after showering. When your skin is damp, adding moisturizer will lock in that hydration. If you wait more than three minutes, your skin will start drying. After showering, gently pat down your skin so that it’s still damp but not dripping, and then slather on your favorite moisturizer.

4. You’ll Tone Down Redness

According to Refinery 29, if your skin tends to be red in spots, winter air can make it even worse. During the wintertime, look for anti-inflammatory ingredients in your skincare products, like licorice, niacinamide and adenosine. If you tend to get rosacea, you’ll want to pick serums, lotions and cleansers that are meant for sensitive skin.
5. You’ll Protect Your Skin from the Sun

People forget that they have to protect their skin from the sun during the winter because it’s not warm. Sunscreen usually goes hand-in-hand with hot weather and lounging by the pool. Winter sun can be just as damaging, though, especially because it reflects off the snow. Half an hour before going outside, slather a broad-spectrum sunscreen onto your hands and face.


6 Clever Ways to Start A Recycling Program

A recycling program may not earn profits but can be used to control pollution. There must be a person who is interested in the items, a collection point for the items, a manager who will handle problems and a method for communicating information about the program such as a website or an advertisement. The plan for the program must be developed with information from reliable sources.

1. Contact the managers of recycling centers.
2. Contact the office of a city mayor.
3. Contact business managers.
4. Contact the managers of grocery stores.
5. Contact the managers of sports team.
6. Contact the administrators of churches.

Recycling Centers

The managers of recycling centers can provide important information about the demand for items such as for paper, cardboard, plastic bags, plastic bottles, aluminum cans or for glass containers. The aluminum can be used to make more aluminum products. The recycled glass can be used to resurface roadways. Most plastic products are labelled with a number that is used to identify the different types of plastics such as the number 2 for high-density polyethylene.

The Office of a City Mayor

If a recycling program is being developed, then there must be thorough information about other local recycling programs, which will help to avoid duplication of a similar program. The office of a mayor will usually have reliable information about local government programs for recycling. The chamber of commerce can provide information about local businesses, which could include recycling centers.

Business Managers

Several businesses may be connected with a recycling program in a business network. The managers could regularly bundle cardboard boxes for a recycling center. Many health food stores are used as collection points because the stores have programs that are used to protect the environment such as reusable tote bags for shopping. The managers could be encouraged to place collection bins on the property, which could be used for paper, plastics, aluminum and glass.


A grocery is a store where many customers come to shop on a regular basis. The managers may be interested in a recycling program that could attract more customers. The efforts would also reflect an acknowledgement from the managers who understand the business obligations that are associated with a social responsibility for helping local communities or for protecting the environment.

Sports Teams

The managers of a sports team must rely upon sponsorship and could benefit from the publicity for a recycling program. The team sponsors may be able to provide a place for the collection bins and may also be able to help with advertising. The publicity could encourage more fans to come to the games.


A church will usually have adequate space for the collection bins. The congregation may appreciate the efforts for a recycling program, which could be used to encourage more volunteers to help with other programs at the church. The items could be picked up by the employees from a recycling center or could be transported to a recycling center by volunteers.

5 Ways Induced Corrosion is Win-Win

Corrosion is a chemical reaction that takes place in metal materials. It is a result of chemical reactions between oxygen and moisture. What results are structural degradation, which means that the metal materials will eventually weaken and become malleable. Natural corrosion is a serious safety hazard that negatively impacts companies and the public. For example, corrosive metals may contain toxic metals and harm health and the environment. However, induced corrosion is a unique industrial process that takes advantage of the beneficial aspects of corrosion.

Environmentally Friendly
Corrosion results from a variety of environmental contaminates. Specifically,microbiological corrosion takes place when bacteria colonies develop on a metal’s surface. This biofilm itself doesn’t cause damage, but the secreted waste products result in chemicals like methanol or sodium hydroxide. This is scientifically referred to as the act of induced corrosion. Chemically-induced corrosion creates safety and health hazards, such as leaking pipelines or metal barrels.

Daily Use
Most consumers aren’t aware of the fact that certain household items, such as batteries, depend on induced corrosion to function properly. For example, modern batteries contain both zinc and carbon, which are intentionally mixed because the corroded zinc will generate the electric current flow. Many other products, such as cars and motorcycles, use anti-corrosive metals. Induced corrosion is also used in consumer product research to test and prevent possible health hazards.

Stronger Metals
Stainless steel is a true wonder because it is created with chromium, which is an anti-corrosive agent. Other elements commonly used include titanium and aluminum. Titanium reinforced metals are actually used in the health care industry for implants and prosthetics. Industrial manufacturers commonly apply strong alkaloids to certain metals, such as cadmium, to induce similar effects. Keep in mind that the primary source of building infrastructure materials is metals that have been infused with both lower and higher oxygen reactive metals. In the event of corrosion, the metals with the high oxygen affinity will prevent moisture from corrupting the materials.

Concrete Reinforcement
The construction industry relies on induced corrosion to reinforce concrete. That is, reinforced steel is an amalgamation of both concrete and steel. The two different materials must be combined together to create an even stronger structural material. Therefore, controlled corrosion is induced in concrete reinforced with steel to guarantee a permanent bond. This creation will withstand more tension and stressed inducted compression because of the minor induced corrosion.

Scientific Research
Induced corrosion is playing an active role in helping scientists better understand metals. Researchers are currently exploring the different ways that various metals corrode in order to gain a better understanding of metal properties and possible future applications. To illustrate, the vehicle and airline manufacturing industries are experimenting with ways to increase the strength, durability and appearance of the metals they use. However, in order to accomplish this, they must clearly understand the galvanic corrosion process of metal electrolytes in order to make necessary improvements.

To review, induced corrosion offers excellent benefits, such as strong metals that prevent safety and health hazards.