Timeless or Trendy: How to pick your Fashion Style Icon

We all know role models are important. Whether you it’s your grandmother, your older sister, or the #GirlBoss CEO of your company, it is great to have someone to look up to. Well, the same is true in the fashion sphere. How do you know if an outfit works? How can you decide whether to try a new trend? Simply ask yourself if your personal fashion icon would do it, and the answer will become clear.

But how do you choose such a fashion icon? It is, after all, a pretty big responsibility. Here are some things to consider:

Think Beyond the Celebs
Sure, many actresses have killer style, but there are plenty of other noteworthy individuals to consider, too. Think about artists, politicians, philanthropists, and businesswomen. If we only looked at the posts from People and TMZ, we would be leaving out amazing style contenders such as Michelle Obama and Carolina Herrera. Even Pope Francis has been noted as a fashion icon by CNN:

Go Back in Time
Style icons definitely don’t need to be chosen from the attendees at this year’s Met Ball (though those are definitely some good contenders). Look at “It Girls” of years pasts such as Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, and Edie Sedgwick. Not every outfit will translate to today, but you can certainly put a modern spin on it.

You Might Need Two
You might think your ideal fashion “spirit animal” would have a wardrobe that would work for the office and for a night on the town, but that might not be the case. For example, you might be a Diana Von Furstenberg at your creative director job. When you go out for drinks or to the club, however, you might want to ditch the wrap-dress and go more Rihanna (who was, incidentally, named the 2014 Fashion Icon by the CDFA . That’s completely okay. Play by your own rules.

You Do You
Choosing a fashion role model does not mean you have to adopt every outfit that person wears. For example, if your muse is Audrey Hepburn, but you are five-foot-ten, not everything she wore will work for you. Choose pieces that channel your icon while still preserving your own personality.

Luckily, there are more inspiring women than ever before – women to be admired for changing the world and dressing well while doing it. Look through old photos or make a Pinterest board to see whose styles you naturally gravitate towards. When you have found that person, ask, “What would she wear?” It should make getting dressed that much easier.

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10 Supplements that Promote Weight Loss

Dietary supplements help reduce weight by enhancing metabolism, minimizing cravings and maintaining healthy appetite. They also optimize workout potential by increasing focus and energy. However, always remember that weigh loss supplements should only be the last option where nutrition and healthy living and lifestyles have failed.

This article discusses ten supplements on the market today that promote weight loss:

#1 Green Coffee Bean Extract by Genesis Today

This is the most popular product on the weight loss and fitness scene. The product contains chlorogenic acid, an ingredient that has undergone several studies by the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania and proven effective in reducing weight.

#2 Akavar 20/50

Akavar 20/50 is one of the recent supplements that target menopausal women who want to reduce weight. There is no objective study that proves the effectiveness of these to prove their actual effectiveness in weight loss.

#3 Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia does not work on its own but in tandem with your eating habits. The supplement suppresses appetite into a manageable state and reduces food cravings. While there are no objective studies that support the effectiveness of Unique Hoodia, the are no side effects associated with it.


#4 Alli

Alli is a weight loss supplement that acts as a ‘fat absorber.’ This means it can bind itself to the fat cells making these cells more passable. This development makes the muscles expel fatty substances instead of storing them under the skin.

#5 Phentermine

The number 6 in this list is ‘Phentermine.’ This product requires prescription. It has been classified under sympathomimetic, drugs that stimulate the central nervous system. The product works great in reducing weight as it suppresses appetite. However, users with high blood pressure and heart conditions should avoid this product.

#6 Xenical

Xenical was conceived as a weight loss product in 199. The product prevents dietary fat from being absorbed in the body. You should not exceed dosage when experimenting with this product.

#7 D4 Thermal Shock by Cellucor

This product is classified under ‘thermogenic’drugs. It works by increasing the body temperature and metabolism, helping burn more calories during workout routines. Always begin with a small dose when experiencing with it.

#8 Quadralean

Quadralean is a 100% stimulant free weight loss product that works by controlling appetite, increasing energy, mobilizing fat stores and accelerating metabolism. Its key ingredients include CLA, L-Carnitine, Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia and Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen.

#9 LeanMode

LeanMode is a stimulant weight loss supplement that work by burning fat, controlling appetite, increasing metabolism and energy and improving positive mood. The supplement is formulated from Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract

#10 Fucoxanthin

Fucoxanthin is an algae-based supplement that has undergone several research studies and trials and proven effective in helping people lose weight.


Why Successful Philosophies Need an ROI Focus

For humans, the mystery of unanswered questions can be tormenting to the heart, mind and soul. This is especially true when seeking answers to crucial questions such as “Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, “What is reality or truth?” and “Where do I fit in?” As self-aware beings, we seek the answers to these questions in order to obtain self-identity and to make sense of the world around us. Although many people find answers from deity centered religions, philosophers attempt to answer these questions through secular philosophical theories, the nature and type of which are as diverse as their religious sect counterparts .

According to the definition by Wikipedia, philosophy is the study of the general and fundamental nature of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. As with each established deity centered religion, every philosophical theory is sure to provide for many in a particular group type confirmation of each individual’s perceptions and beliefs on life. When scrutinizing any given philosophy, every seeker will be, consciously or unconsciously, looking for key elements relevant to their personal lives and/or beliefs and perceptions. . They will ask themselves “If I’m going to invest my time, mind, emotions and beliefs to this philosophy, will it have a positive impact on me, my family and/or my lifestyle?”

To understand, develop and explain philosophical theories is an ominous task that requires an investment of time, study and contemplation. When looking for a return on their investment, philosophers need to remember that whether or not a theory gains social approval and momentum will be determined not only by the theory’s credibility and presentation but also by the number of seekers and followers it attracts. A philosophical theory will attract seekers and followers by meeting their emotional and/or intellectual needs. In other words, in order for any philosophical theory to survive scrutiny and intellectual debate, it not only needs to address the aforementioned questions regarding existence but must also be relevant to everyday life while offering “feel-good” hypotheses and/or characteristics.

Through the investment of their time, contemplation and theoretical work, the deep thinkers in this world help us to challenge our minds and our way of thinking. Philosophical theories regarding our existence and the state of life itself have greatly influenced the culture of our world and it would be to our loss if we were not to scrutinize and reflect upon the theories that philosophers have provided.


How Long can you Expect Glass Whiteboards to Last?

Whiteboards (a.k.a dry erase boards) were created in the late ’50’s or early ’60’s, depending on whether you prefer the UK or US version of the story. The first models were made of steel, eventually giving way to laminates, ceramics, and other materials. The ubiquitous melamine model is the most common today, seen in schoolrooms and other nonindustrial settings. The lifetime of a melamine whiteboard is an average of three years or less.
Tempered glass whiteboards are the most recent development in this field, and are used most often in industrial, architectural, and other high-end applications. Their look is somewhat sleek and futuristic, often seen on detective shows and in movie war rooms. How well do these innovative teaching tools hold up? Are they cost effective?
They can be quite heavy to mount on a wall, depending on size. Fortunately, mounting one is likely the last time in the life of your glass whiteboard that it might incur damage, depending on the following couple of caveats.

Feeling Frosty

If you have a frosted glass or otherwise coated whiteboard, there is a small chance of permanent “ghosting” during heavy use. Whiteboards accumulate this effect when they aren’t cleaned often enough or an image or writing doesn’t completely erase. Often this can be rectified using whiteboard cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, but if not totally cleaned off, the effect can be cumulative and eventually render your board unusable.
Most of these types of boards come with a ten to twenty year warranty on the surface of the board so through normal wear it will still last quite a bit longer than most other types.

A Magnetic Personality

Many tempered glass whiteboards come with a white backing on metal plate to increase clarity and allow for the use of magnets. While use of these magnets will cause little damage, over time tiny scratches can begin to show, especially in the coated whiteboard versions. The unfrosted versions are fairly immune to this damage and most of the companies that sell these include a lifetime warranty on the surface of the whiteboard through normal use.

Through The Looking Glass

Tempered glass whiteboards don’t stain or wear like other types of whiteboard. Tempered glass is almost ten times at strong as regular glass and is totally nonporous. The unpainted models will never ghost regardless of how long you keep an image or writing on it.
You can reasonably expect a tempered glass whiteboard to last twenty years or more. In fact, there’s no reason not to expect it to last your lifetime and longer.


Get Inspired with These Amazing Custom Home Designs

Home designs bursting with popping colors and designs are a home decorator’s dream. Well, at least part of it.Custom decorating has evolved to new levels with bold colors that light up the house, evoking feelings of joy and positive conversations. Create a visual WOW using a little or a lot of color to your walls, ceilings or floors. Paint wood cabinets a bold color to add extra style and flair.

Modern technology has opened doors for the display of graphics, not only in publications, but on walls. Select an artsy graphic design that will thrill visitors, entertain guests, and create interesting lively conversations. Whether it’s vinyl graphics, wallpaper or murals a statement is made when graphics take center stage. Another trendy custom home design is using black to make designs stand out.

Black is typically used for borders around boxes. What better way to transform a room than through designs trimmed in black. Furniture and accessories stand out with black. Another option is featuring a wall is the optimum way to tell a story reward an accomplishment such as graduation, good grades, and seasonal displays such as spring, summer and fall.

Installing unusual doors in your home packs a decorative punch as visitors enjoy the look and feel of a door with carvings of a matadors swirling a cape or French doors laced with beautiful flowers. Oversized art in a simple room speaks volumes as a picture is worth a thousand words. Adding a playful item to a drab room such as a wooden roller coaster or laughing clown brings laughter and joy to any occasion. To learn more about custom home designs read the Forbes magazine article 10 Wow Elements To Add To Your Home.

Decorating your home can be as simple as adding accent pillows or hanging wall gardens. Instead of traditional diningroom chairs place a small couch to the table, a stool at one end and a set of chairs on the other side of the table. Pretty ingenious when home decorations are non traditional. Try a wall mirror trimmed in seashells or sliding divider doors made from bamboo. Each room design ca showcase a city such as Key West, London, Chicago, Marco Island, or New York.

It only takes a little imagination and style to transform your home into the design of your dreams. How about a barn door that glides across the wall and closes the bathroom. Home decor is an endless imagination of drapes, rugs, furniture, painting and concrete, tiled, rugs or wood floors. To learn more about selecting designs read the Huffington Post article Want To Decorate Your Home?

When decorating speaks for itself in all art forms, it voices a resounding voice that says, “Let’s Make A Change!”


5 Top Accessories for Hobby Shooters

Hobbyist shooters, like anyone else passionate about what they do, employ a number of different accessories to help them improve. These accessories can stabilize the weapon, improve their ability to see the target, and much more. Here are the top five accessories for hobby shooters.

1. The Varmint Target

Ever get tired of resetting a target after knocking it down? The “Varmint Target,” as it’s so aptly named, is a battery-powered target encased in bulletproof metal. If you miss, you don’t have to worry about destroying the motor. When you shoot the target and it falls over, the motor automatically resets the target and raises a new target to take its place.

2. Cleaning Kit

Far too few people take the time to properly clean their weapon after firing it. Gunpowder residue and other debris can built up and present a hazard to the shooter. It can even cause the gun to malfunction and break. A weapon shoot be cleaned after every session or if it has been in storage for a long period of time.

3. Stand

Having a stand you can mount a rifle to helps when you’re shooting from a prone position. It stabilizes the sights and allows you to line up the target for a more precise shot. If you’re trying to get a higher score at a shooting range, this is an excellent addition to your collection of accessories.

4. Scope

Many people have trouble seeing a small target if it’s far enough away. Employing a scope can help. While some may consider it cheating, a scope doesn’t help you make a better shot — it just enables you to see the target more clearly. Lining up the gun and practicing the proper firing stances is entirely up to you. However, when you’re trying to hit a target from more than 400 yards, a scope can be extraordinarily helpful.

5. Case

A proper gun case will not only prevent anyone from getting their hands on your weapon, but it will also protect it from external dirt and debris. When the gun isn’t in use, it should be in the case to protect it from wear and tear. When the target you’re going to is down an old country road, you’ll be thankful for a case to protect it from dust.

These accessories aren’t strictly necessary, but they can be great additions for any hobbyist. If you’re looking for a great gift for the holiday season, any one of these will work — just make sure you pair it with the proper weapon!


Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing

Paddle Boarding: 8 Health and Fitness Benefits to Gain

If you are anything like me, I hate being trapped inside when it comes to fitness and keeping my health in top-notch condition. I’m a bit of an outdoor enthusiast and when it comes to working out, I prefer the great outdoors to any treadmill, stair master, or bicep burning machine. And I’ll be honest, some of those machines are just plan funky and most of the time I’m sure I’m not even using them right.
So in order to save myself from a little embarrassment, okay a lot, and get out to that fresh air one of my favorite actives to turn to is paddle boarding.
Now, you don’t have to live by the ocean to enjoy paddle boarding. In fact almost any lake, pond, or river will do. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where there are lots of big beautiful lakes to choose from, but I have also had the pleasure of experiencing the paddle board on smaller man-made bodies of water and let me tell you, its all fun!
What I learned very quickly when it came to the paddle board was that not only is it incredibly amusing, but you really do get a killer workout and the health benefits are amazing.
The first benefit that I think most people will notice immediately is how much paddle boarding, especially stand-up paddle boarding, increases your ability to balance. Your leg muscles will basically be working non-stop to keep you from toppling over into the water. The more you get out on that board, the better your balance will get, and did I mention that some people even do yoga on their paddle boards!
We all know that core strength is the foundation to a healthy body, luckily the paddle board offers an all around core workout, from your stomach, to your back, and down to your legs you are sure to feel the burn. Since hopping onto my paddle board I have notice a significant increase in core strength, and as an added bonus it has really improved my posture.
I would have to say though that one of my favorite benefits to using a paddle board is how low-impact it is. Throughout my life I have participated in numerous strenuous activities that have definitely taken a toll on my joints. On the paddle board it is not likely that you will cause any damage to your tendons or ligaments. Now, just because getting on a paddle board is low-impact don’t be fooled into assuming this activity is not a major calorie burner. Using at some point almost every muscle in your body, the amount of calorie consumption is sure to result in some weight loss, and who wouldn’t want that?
Okay, now, for those of you thinking to yourself yoga, lakes, and improved posture? Where is the excitement? Have no fear. If you are more of the thrill seeking type, paddle boarding has recently taken on a new look and can now be found facing some of the more intimidating white water rapids that were once the territory of kayakers.

So weather you are looking to calm your spirit with some yoga, face the gnarly rapids, or just get out of that stinky gym I would say the paddle board is a good place to start.


3 Reasons Why Flyers are Still Relevant for Business

As the world becomes more digitized every day, many business owners doubt the efficacy and relevance of flyers. However, traditional print media still offers unique appeal to potential and existing clients. Keep reading to learn why Entrepreneur magazine says flyers are a good way to advertise a business.

Expanded Market Reach
While most people use mobile phones to surf the Web and connect with companies, there are still many potential customers who prefer traditional print media. This is especially true for older consumers or individuals weary of aggressive Internet marketing techniques, such as invasive pop-up and search result ads. Due to consumer concerns over privacy, software and technology solutions are becoming better at blocking online ads and data mining techniques that track personal information. Well-designed marketing flyers allow new businesses to establish a favorable impression with new customers and raise brand awareness with existing customers. Internet marketing can reach a global audience, but what matters most for financial revenue is actually engaging with local customers.

Cost Effective
Many businesses struggle to maintain an adequate advertising budget. There are effective online solutions, such as using blogs and social media, but these are very time consuming. Flyers are a very cost effective way for businesses to engage recipients with interesting content. For example, flyers can ask intriguing questions, pose a fun riddle or even challenge the recipient to find the hidden image. Even better, flyers allow the business to create eye-catching designs that present an appealing balance of well-positioned content and images. Printing business flyers is relatively inexpensive through online graphic design companies. Businesses simplify their marketing process through regularly distributing flyers every few months in target areas.

Flyers can effectively be used for different purposes. First, they are most commonly used for door-to-door contact. They can also be left under windshield wipers or with businesses. This type of anonymous cold calling is useful for raising awareness of the target company’s products or services. This is one of the primary methods that new companies use to build up a market share of clients. Second, doorknob hanger flyers are useful to follow up with new customers or potential customers who have requested information. These flyers are more personalized and effective because they typically offer special rebates or discounts. In fact, these flyers can be part of a marketing campaign that offers existing customers a free gift. B2B companies can use customized fliers that offer rewards a great way to establish a business relationship with other companies.

Traditional print flyers are still relevant for advertising and marketing purposes. They are an affordable way for companies to gain a foothold with potential customers in a saturated market. Print flyers offer intense local outreach and multi-purpose functionality.


8 Seasonal Beers to Try This Fall

The first nip of fall in the air is an exciting time. The leaves start to change color, the days get shorter, and the fall seasonal beers come out of hiding. While summer seasonal beers are lighter and more refreshing, the fall seasonal selection is much more spiced and hoppy. Thanks to the popularity of Oktoberfest style ales, the fall season has become the most popular amongst beer drinkers. With numerous options out there to choose from it can be hard to narrow your search, but here we’ve compiled a list of beers you simply can’t ignore this fall season.

1. Sierra Nevada Brewing Oktoberfest

Perhaps the most popular style of fall seasonal is Oktoberfest, made famous by the annual German festival of the same name. To honor such a tradition, Sierra Nevada has collaborated with German brewer Bauhaus Riegele
in the hopes of producing a stellar version of Oktoberfest, and they have succeeded.

2. Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale

Many craft beer enthusiasts know the name Dogfish Head quite well. A brown ale brewed with spices, brown sugar, and of course, pumpkin, this beer is a true classic for the fall season and a standard against which all other pumpkin beers should be measured.

3. Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

This pumpkin ale is much more sweetly balanced than most ales, which combined with the pumpkin taste leaves the sensation of enjoying a piece of fresh pumpkin pie. A wildly sought beer amongst all who love pumpkin, this ale is something you can’t afford to miss.

4. Upland Oktoberfest

Upland makes an astounding Oktoberfest that stands out amongst their other products. While they deliver a lighter style of the famous brew, the hops are highlighted to bring about an amazing balance.

5. Deschutes Hop Trip

This citrusy ale is brewed only hours after the hops are collected, creating a bright, bold beer that will leave you both satisfied and refreshed. For those who follow hops culture, this beer includes Fresh Crystal, Centennial, and Nugget hops.

6. Russian River HopTime Harvest

With hints of pine and reminiscent of an American IPA, HopTime Harvest is exceptionally fruity up front with a strong hoppy finish.

7. Heavy Seas Great’er Pumpkin

This is an example of one of the most flavorful and strong pumpkin beers available on the market. What makes this beer stand out is the aging process, as it is kept in bourbon barrels to convey a hint of vanilla and spirit.

8. Schramm’s Apple Mead

While technically not a beer, this seasonal mead is delicious in its own right, and can’t be ignored. Made with real apples and raw honey, this beverage makes for the perfect fall treat.

While this list provides a good sampling of beers for your fall enjoyment, there are still many, many other craft seasonal beers out there for you to try.



How Donating Your Vehicle Can Save A Life

Vehicle donation is something that a consumer may consider doing this year. The consumer may have a non-working vehicle that is cluttering the yard. Alternatively, the person may have a secondary vehicle that no one is driving. A person can donate a car to a wide variety of organizations that exist in the world. Many of those organizations provide free towing and vehicle pickup. The process costs the donor nothing, and it can help to save a life. The following are three ways that donating a vehicle can indeed save a life:

Can Help Save the Donor From a World of Taxes

The people who receive a donated vehicle are not the only ones who can enjoy the lifesaving aspects of a vehicle donation. First, the donor can receive a tax break for donating a vehicle to an organization. The tax break allows the donor to claim the amount for which the charity sells the vehicle. In some cases, the donor can claim the fair market value of the vehicle.

Can Help a Family to Earn Money for the Household

Another way that donating a vehicle can save a life is that it can provide a struggling family with a way to get to work. Some towns do not have the privilege of public transportation. Therefore, people who live in a rural area or a non-city area might not have the benefit of jumping on a bus or train. A donated vehicle can help such persons to travel back and forth to work or to school. It could be the lifeline that enables the breadwinner to keep the family afloat in the midst of universal poverty.

Can Help a Parent to Get a Child to a Hospital

Finally, a donated vehicle can end up in the home of a single or struggling parent. That parent may have to use the vehicle for an emergency such as getting a child to the hospital for a life-threatening situation. The ambulance is not always available to rescue people immediately. Having a running vehicle could be a lifesaver in such a case. A donated vehicle can be helpful in getting a pregnant woman to the hospital to deliver her child, as well. Such a vehicle could serve so many positive purposes.

How to Donate a Vehicle

An interested person can start the process of donating a vehicle to charity today. The person can simply contact the organization by telephone or short form. Someone will then arrange a pickup and tow. The vehicle owner will need to have the title in hand so that the charity can take ownership of the vehicle. It can work like a miracle in someone’s life shortly after that.

How to Donate a Vehicle

An interested person can start the process of donating a vehicle to charity today. The person can simply contact the organization by telephone or short form. Someone will then arrange a pickup and tow. The vehicle owner will need to have the title in hand so that the charity can take ownership of the vehicle. It can work like a miracle in someone’s life shortly after that.