5 Benefits of Adopting a Winter Skin Care Routine

Chilly days give your skin a rosy glow, but for a lot of people, there’s far more to it than that. Winter weather can wreak serious havoc on your skin. Here are five reasons why it’s a good idea to adopt a specific beauty regime just for the winter months.

1. You’ll Give Your Skin Much-Needed Moisture

The moisturizer you use in the spring and summer may not work as well during the winter. Your skin needs more moisture during the winter time because the cold and dry air can zap your skin of hydration. Look for an oil-based ointment moisturizer instead of a water-based moisturizer. The oil adds an extra layer of protection for your skin, helping it to retain moisture. Many night creams are oil-based, so you may want to use a night cream even during the day when the weather turns cold.

2. You’ll Help Your Dry Skin Shed

According to Allure, your skin is in extra need of exfoliation during the wintertime. Gently scrubbing your skin can help your winter moisturizer work better. Dry skin, like the kind you probably have during the winter, means that your dead skin cells don’t shed as easily, which can prevent your moisturizer from sinking in. A mild exfoliant with jojoba beads or fruit enzymes can help.

3. You’ll Lock In Moisture Right Away

During the warm months, you probably wait a while after a shower to apply lotion. Rubbing on cream right away may make you too hot when the weather’s in the 80s. During the winter, though, it’s best to apply lotion within three minutes after showering. When your skin is damp, adding moisturizer will lock in that hydration. If you wait more than three minutes, your skin will start drying. After showering, gently pat down your skin so that it’s still damp but not dripping, and then slather on your favorite moisturizer.

4. You’ll Tone Down Redness

According to Refinery 29, if your skin tends to be red in spots, winter air can make it even worse. During the wintertime, look for anti-inflammatory ingredients in your skincare products, like licorice, niacinamide and adenosine. If you tend to get rosacea, you’ll want to pick serums, lotions and cleansers that are meant for sensitive skin.
5. You’ll Protect Your Skin from the Sun

People forget that they have to protect their skin from the sun during the winter because it’s not warm. Sunscreen usually goes hand-in-hand with hot weather and lounging by the pool. Winter sun can be just as damaging, though, especially because it reflects off the snow. Half an hour before going outside, slather a broad-spectrum sunscreen onto your hands and face.