5 Landscaping Designs Trends to Expect in 2016

Homeowners often want their property to have appeal to maintain its value for a comfortable setting that looks inviting. The landscaping of any property often determines how attractive it is on the outside, making it important to maintain manicured grounds. For 2015, there are a number of landscaping design trends to incorporate into your yard for a beautiful space that will stand out in the neighborhood.

1. Water Features

From waterfalls to small ponds, more homeowners are installing water features that allow the property to feel serene and peaceful. The additions can help to break up the yard with a decorative accent that is beautiful and works as one of the main focal points on the property. Consider building a pond where fish can swim in the backyard or a large fountain that enhances the curb appeal of the front yard.

2. Incorporating Succulents

According to blog.vancouversun.com, succulents are one of the most popular landscaping trends in 2016. The plant is drought resistant and looks beautiful when placed in large decorative containers. Many homeowners favor the plants because they’re low maintenance and are enjoyed for their beautiful design. More people want mainstream sustainability with their landscape for both economic and environmental reasons, making succulents an ideal choice.

3. Fire Pits

Homeowners want to utilize their landscape in the coming year for a space that they can entertain in. Fire pits are a popular feature, which allows guests to make conversation and even dine together next to the open fire. Fire pits are often installed next to outdoor kitchens for a great place to lounge during the spring and summer seasons. Fire pits can also be used to entertain at night or keep warm when spending time outdoors. This helps to add sensory appeal to the backyard and allows it to be more custom with its design.

4. Planting Milkweed

Milkweed is another popular plant that will be seen more in landscape designs in 2016, according to ksby.com. Not only can the plant thrive off of a minimal amount of water, but it also attracts butterflies to the yard. In 2016, demand for milkweed is already at a high for native narrow leaf milkweed, which the monarch butterflies thrive upon. The plant also helps to fill in bare spots on the yard near shrubs or other flowers for a lush addition to the space.

5. Layered Landscapes

Layered landscapes add extra dimension to the yard with a combination of trees, perennials, and confers for a blend of different types of plants that all complement each other. In prior years, many people chose to use the same type of flower on the yard for the appearance of one main meadow. In 2016, more people want diversity in their yard for curb appeal that is truly interesting and attractive.

Layered landscapes are often fun to design for the homeowners and allow them to include their favorite types of trees, plants, and flowers in one general space.