6 Clever Ways to Start A Recycling Program

A recycling program may not earn profits but can be used to control pollution. There must be a person who is interested in the items, a collection point for the items, a manager who will handle problems and a method for communicating information about the program such as a website or an advertisement. The plan for the program must be developed with information from reliable sources.

1. Contact the managers of recycling centers.
2. Contact the office of a city mayor.
3. Contact business managers.
4. Contact the managers of grocery stores.
5. Contact the managers of sports team.
6. Contact the administrators of churches.

Recycling Centers

The managers of recycling centers can provide important information about the demand for items such as for paper, cardboard, plastic bags, plastic bottles, aluminum cans or for glass containers. The aluminum can be used to make more aluminum products. The recycled glass can be used to resurface roadways. Most plastic products are labelled with a number that is used to identify the different types of plastics such as the number 2 for high-density polyethylene.

The Office of a City Mayor

If a recycling program is being developed, then there must be thorough information about other local recycling programs, which will help to avoid duplication of a similar program. The office of a mayor will usually have reliable information about localĀ government programs for recycling. The chamber of commerce can provide information about local businesses, which could include recycling centers.

Business Managers

Several businesses may be connected with a recycling program in a business network. The managers could regularly bundle cardboard boxes for a recycling center. Many health food stores are used as collection points because the stores have programs that are used to protect the environment such as reusable tote bags for shopping. The managers could be encouraged to place collection bins on the property, which could be used for paper, plastics, aluminum and glass.


A grocery is a store where many customers come to shop on a regular basis. The managers may be interested in a recycling program that could attract more customers. The efforts would also reflect an acknowledgement from the managers who understand the business obligations that are associated with a social responsibility for helping local communities or for protecting the environment.

Sports Teams

The managers of a sports team must rely upon sponsorship and could benefit from the publicity for a recycling program. The team sponsors may be able to provide a place for the collection bins and may also be able to help with advertising. The publicity could encourage more fans to come to the games.


A church will usually have adequate space for the collection bins. The congregation may appreciate the efforts for a recycling program, which could be used to encourage more volunteers to help with other programs at the church. The items could be picked up by the employees from a recycling center or could be transported to a recycling center by volunteers.