5 Mistakes to Avoid When Wedding Dress Shopping

Buying a wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of getting married—aside from the wedding itself. Enjoy every moment of the process by avoiding a few mistake most brides make.

Bringing a Group
Tons of brides make the mistake of bringing too many friends too fittings. Too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the broth. If you bring to many friends you’ll end up with too many opinions. Some brides start to feel overwhelmed when they bring a ton of friends to a fitting. One of the greatest lessons you’ll learn during your wedding planning process is the power to say no to others. Start with your dress fitting. Bring two trusted friends and one who always tells you what you want to hear. It’s okay to say no if your mother or your new mother-in-law do not fit in these categories.

Shopping Early
Tastes change. Your bodies will change. Shopping for your dress too early can result in disappointment later down the road. It’s difficult to delay the fun, but don’t start shopping for your dress until about nine months before your wedding date. Most experts recommend shopping between nine months and a year before your wedding. Your dress can be altered even if you gain or lose weight up to a year before the date, but your body can change significantly in over 12 months. The dress you chose might not fit your style or your shape if you begin shopping over a year before your wedding.

Fixating on One Dress
Many bridge have an idea of the type of dress they want for their weddings. Yet many brides end up choosing a dress that isn’t at all what they had in mind. Fixating on one dress can cause you to get stuck on one track. Trying on many different styles will help you find the style that fits you best.

Visiting Sample Sales and Designer Discounts
Sample sales are a great way to snag a great deal on a dress. If you’re a size zero.  Don’t get too fixated on finding a designer dress. Get ready to get fixated on a dress that looks amazing. Some brides get the idea in their heads that their wedding dress will be the only opportunity in their lives to buy a designer dress. This isn’t true. Would you rather have a Monique Lhullier that looks sort of okay or a no-name dress that looks amazing? Fixate on the dress that was made for you—not the brand name.

Not Considering Total Cost
Wedding dresses cost more than the dress themselves. You’ll need to pay to have the dress altered, the veil (should you want one), the undergarments, the jewelry and the accessories. Not taking into account the extra costs could cost you going over budget. 

The most important part of the process is to enjoy the process. Don’t get too fixated on what other people have experienced. Just let yourself go, and have fun. It’s your wedding. Enjoy it.

3 Clever Ways to motivate Children into Brushing their Teeth

Adults know how important it is to regularly brush their teeth, but kids are a lot harder to convince. Children don’t want to brush their teeth most of the time and parents often wonder how they can motivate their kids to pick up the brush and toothpaste. It’s important for parents to find the right method to get their kids brushing. According to Colgate Professional, the best way to make sure your kid’s permanent teeth stay healthy is by helping them develop good habits during the first few years of life.

1. Get Your Child Involved

When you let your child pick out their own toothbrush and kid-friendly toothpaste, they’ll feel like they’re part of the process. Plus, they’ll look forward to using their new goods as soon was possible! There are plenty of themed brushing accessories that will appeal to kids and get them excited to brush. When it comes to toothpaste, kids may not like the normal mint or cinnamon flavors that adults prefer. They may want something sweeter and tastier that will make them actually want to brush every morning and night.

2. Turn Brushing Into a Family Activity

Kids like to do what their parents do. According to Parents.com, one of the best ways to get your child to do something is to lead by example. Brushing and flossing can become a family activity, especially in the evening when people aren’t rushing to get out the door. Brushing with your children won’t just get them to pick up the toothbrush, but they’ll also emulate the right way to brush instead of rushing through it.

3. Consider Offering a Reward

Rewarding children can be tricky. Sometimes, your kid will only do what they’re supposed to if there’s a reward to follow, which doesn’t necessarily develop good habits. However, setting up a reward chart may be reward enough. Every time your child brushes his or her teeth, they can check off another box. This simple activity may be enough to motivate your child to keep a good brushing streak going. If you need to offer a reward, something simple like a gold star at the end of each week may be small enough to prevent bad habits. Slowly wean your child off the reward as brushing becomes more of a habit.

Good parenting often involves choosing your battles, but when it comes to something like dental health, it’s important to find a way to encourage your child to take care of their teeth. Brushing isn’t necessarily enjoyable for anyone, including adults, but it’s a small responsibility that needs to be taken care of daily. The earlier you can get your child into the habit of brushing twice a day, the better. They’ll be happy when they’re older and don’t have serious dental problems that require painful treatments.

3 Ways Satellite Communication Has Improved Over the Years

The first powered aircraft took flight just a little over a hundred years ago. Ever since then, the aeronautics industry as a whole and the space industry in particular have grown and advanced practically exponentially.

The human species has seen members of the human family step onto foreign worlds, spacecraft have landed on the mysterious neighbor known as Mars, and scientists have even sent a spacecraft beyond the edge of our solar system.

These are all amazing exploits, but it is easy to forget that there are a lot of interesting things on the move right above our heads as we speak. They are known as satellites, and there are thousands circling the Earth while keeping and close eye on developments down below.

Over the years, satellite technology has come a long way from the primitive early days. Satellites are now capable of doing truly amazing things,and this article will take a closer look at this fascinating subject. Along the way, it will help to educate our readers by highlighting three ways that satellite communication has improved over the years.


The earliest satellites could do little more than shoot radio signal and perhaps microwave signals to ground stations, and perhaps receive rudimentary instructions. Signal technology has come a long way since then, and satellites are packing a seriously futuristic punch on board. An example of this is the gravity wave measuring satellite that was launched into orbit earlier this year, as BBC News has reported.

These instruments are so well calibrated and delicate that they’re capable of sensing fine fluctuations in gravity and thus can give scientists insight into the structure of the interior of the planet, as well as providing information on ocean movements. Even though this technology is being applied for the study of the earth, it has the potential to revolutionize astrophysics as we know it.


Up until now, almost every man made spacecraft has made use of chemical or liquid fuel rockets to attain orbital velocities. It turns out that this technology is now considered to be rather archaic, and now alternative systems are being actively tested on satellites on an ongoing basis. One such very exciting method is known as electronic propulsion, and it promises to revolutionize space travel as we know it. As Wikipedia reports, there are several competing methods being tested out. One thing is for certain; the future is unfolding right before our eyes.


3d printing is still in a huge, and is usually associated with toys and possibly construction projects. This capability has now been extended to satellites. As Montana State Universitynews reports, space professionals working hand-in-hand with Montana students are testing out 3d printing technology on a special satellite that was actually launched into orbit in early November. If successful, this could do for satellite technology what McDonald’s did for hamburgers.

As we can see, technology is advancing at the speed of progress. With this kind of gear available now, a bright future seems to be in store for satellite technology in particular, and space travel as a whole.

How- to Improve your Gaming Skills

If you love playing multi-player games, either online or at home with your friends, there are a lot of ways to improve your skill and edge out the competition. Many of the same tips can be applied to single-player games, too. Overall, the better you get at gaming, the less likely you are to throw your controller at the screen.

1. According to Venture Beat, using headphones is a great way to get immersed in the game and limit distractions. You’ll be able to hear your opponents better, whether you’re playing on your own or with others.

2. A lot of games are designed to be dark, which means colors don’t stand out as well as they could. Designers do this to stick with a certain atmosphere or style, but for the gamer, higher contrast can make you a better player. Adjust the brightness on the screen and play around with other screen settings until you feel like you can truly see everything around you, virtually.

3. According to Gaming Enthusiast, you should take a few minutes to adjust the controller to your specifications. A lot of people jump right into a game, but customizing things like sensitivity and control layout can make a big difference.

4. You may want to shine every single time you play a game, but by playing with people who are better than you, you can learn a lot. When you only play with newbies, you don’t have the opportunity to learn from skilled players. Even if you know you’re going to lose, watching other people’s strategies will help you develop some of your own.

5. When playing, you may want to reach for foods that taste good and give you energy. However, caffeine, alcohol and sugar will actually make you a worse player. If you’re playing simply for fun, don’t worry about what you’re eating or drinking. If you want to become a great gamer, though, stick to healthy snacks and drinks, which will regulate your body and keep your energy and focus up.

6. Improve your hand-eye coordination by juggling. If you find juggling difficult at first, that’s great! The better you get at juggling, the more you’ll improve your coordination, which will carry over into your gaming.
7. Play an old school game to improve a specific skill. For example, if you need to get quicker at making judgment calls and split-second decisions, play Tetris, which requires players to make smart moves quickly. If you need to improve your puzzle solving skills, play Legend of Zelda. There’s usually a game, either old or new, that you can find for any specific skill you need to improve.

There are a number of ways to improve your gaming ability, through practice, training and basic lifestyle changes. The more serious you are about gaming, the more you’ll be willing to hone your skills and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to fit your goals.

5 Clever Ways to “Up-Cycle” your Office

Upcycling is the creative reuse of items that would otherwise end up being discarded. While there are many blogs and bulletins dedicated to upcycling various items as a hobby or form of craft, this can be a powerful tool around the office to save money and lighten a business’ burden on the environment.

Binder Clips as Cord Organizers

Every office worker has dealt with the nightmare of untangling cords and power-supplies, and keeping every wire untangled seems next to impossible. The next time that you find your office has a preponderance of those ubiquitous black binder clips, you can use them to organize wiring. Clipped to the edge of a desk, these little doodads hold your cordage firmly, keeping the wires safe from devolving into a wild mess of knots.

Toilet Paper Rolls as Wire Organizers

Did you know that Americans throw away about 17 billion cardboard toilet paper tubes annually? Your office can do a small part to reduce this egregious waste by upcycling these handy little tubes into cord organizers. Great for computer cords, power supplies and headphone storage, these little cylinders keeps each cord in its place while eliminating any harmful kinking of wiring that can lead to fraying.

Sticky Notes for Detailed Cleaning

Those cubic towers of pale yellow sticky notes are everywhere in any office. The next time you rip an adhesive note off of a pile of work, think twice before you toss it. These little papers make great keyboard cleaners. They’re thin enough to get in between keys, and the adhesive can pick up all the little pieces of lint and other detritus that can make typing difficult.

Bread Ties for Cord Labels

It seems like a disproportionate amount of many workdays are spent trying to make sense of the mass of cords that power each workstation, printer, copier and other necessary equipment. The plastic bread ties that get thrown away in the break room are perfect for fastening around the base of individual cords. This saves time, eliminating the need to follow a cord back to its appliance, and it prevents the accidental unplugging of essential equipment.

Make a Smartphone Stand out of Paperclips

Paperclips seem to end up everywhere: on your desk, on the floor and in the trashcan. These little flexible pieces of metal can be upcycled almost endlessly, but a quick, easy and useful way to reuse one is to make it into a stand for your smartphone by:

  • Flattening out the paperclip so it is completely straightened
  • Double bending the base into a rounded V shape
  • Bending the legs of the V so it can stand on its own

This hand-crafted stand will cradle your smartphone, enabling you to listen to music or view videos hands-free.

Looking for ways to reuse office supplies is budget-smart and environmentally friendly. Who knew that objects intended for the garbage could be so useful?

How to Increase Your Trade Show Traffic

When organizing and planning the details that surround a trade show may take several weeks but it just takes a few hours to flop. Without several attendees buzzing at your stand, money and effort all the time you have invested can seem a waste. But if the trade show-offs were not successful, companies would be so inclined to have them included as an important effective part of strategy making, thanks to their enormous draw.

As a matter of fact, this past year the internationally respected Austin-based SXSW trade show drew over 60,000 attendees in 4 days according to the official reports. You only need a small percentage of the participants who are interested in your brand, and you would have paid for them. Before setting those temporary walls and hanging your signage, you will have to look at these reliable ways you can capture an audience at the next trade show.
1. Bring SWAG
Think first before putting up your order at the pen because this can seem like a no-brainer. It is recommended to give unusual items that families use. For example, you will be setting up a store in Washington. How much of use would the poncho get into the ever raining city? Or the ever sunny Texas, Austin. You would probably think about getting sunscreen logos on it. Think about the demographic and location when in doubt before settling for a more individual thing.

2. Host a Wi-Fi spot
With numerous people stranded at the 4G or 3G network, it’s a godsend thing to have a reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection. It also offers potential clients what they need desperately while giving you the time they require before you serve them as well as meeting their needs.

3. Send eBlasts
Use an original and creative to invite attendees personally at your booth. Get a mailing list especially from the event organizer. Be sure to give the details of where you are located and concisely what you are doing but never forget the personality. Inject warmth in your email and make it sound appealing and inviting to the audience. A valid email and an original one can drive many from their homes straight to your premises. Look at smallbiztrends.

4. Bring a Charging Station
Between the tons of contracts information and the pictures you are exchanging, your battery will work overtime as well as for your attendees. Attendees will often want an extra luxury for charging their gadgets. You will have more than enough time by setting a mobile charging station while potential customers wait in the line patiently.

5. Get Good Banners and Signage
The importance of ensuring your banner and signage cannot be overstated. They make the first good impression of your brand. They are the voice and face of your company when facilitators are giving out demos.

6. Hire Professionals
Travel with your most informed staff as well as the qualified event planners to make sure your do not get at a hitch. Let the professionals take care of Wi-Fi connections as your sales personnel focus on capturing leads. this can be found at business2community.

4 Surprising Facts about Laundromat Businesses

Today, the laundromat business tempts some entrepreneurs to seek tidy profits. Modern, high-tech laundries populate urban and suburban landscapes. Four surprising laundromat business facts interest anyone considering buying one of these small businesses:

Fact Number One: Decor Matters

During previous generations, people often appreciated the convenience of using local laundromats so much that business owners could rely upon their customers at unattended turnkey facilities to treat the premises gently. Unfortunately, in some modern locations, laundromats without attending staff suffer from poorly maintained conditions.

Most experts stress that laundries, more than many other types of small self-service businesses, absolutely must maintain hygienic, clean conditions. Even self-service units require frequent cleaning and maintenance in order to retain a pristine, welcoming appearance. One 57-year old businesswoman in Texas reportedly developed a chain of successful laundromats in her home town simply by using this formula.

Fact Number Two: Startling Demographics

A recent study revealed some startling demographic information about generational differences in the way people today approach the topic of laundries. A survey of 502 women in the USA discovered that Baby Boomers, the large demographic extending from the post-WWII through the affluent 1960’s. possess considerably higher skill sets with respect to sewing and cleaning than younger age groups.

Women between the ages of 18 and 33 had not learned as many sewing and laundry skills. In fact, knowledge about things such as washing clothes and replacing buttons declined with each younger age demographic. Millennials knew the least about these domestic skills. This study hold implications for businesses interested in establishing laundromats.

Fact Number Three: Combo Laundromats

The recently established laundromat-coffee shop- bar called “The Wash House” in New York’s trendy East Village epitomizes some modern marketing trends. Laundromats today sometimes enjoy popularity by offering clean premises, plus comfortable dining.

While previous generations of Americans might have viewed the combination of a laundry and restaurant with skepticism, younger patrons increasingly prefer to visit establishments offering both basic clothes cleaning facilities and food. The ability to entertain patrons at a laundromat now helps assure greater customer loyalty.

Fact Number Four: Drop-Off Laundry Convenience

Another popular trend, especially among Millennials and young professionals, relates to the convenience of drop-off laundries. Many customers will pay a premium to enjoy the luxury of having laundry staff finish the washing while they relax in pleasant surroundings.

These marketing trends bode well for businesses which offer both self-serve areas and laundry drop-off services. The ability to use fast, high-tech machines enables many companies to complete washing and drying rapidly. Customers may drop off clothes and then attend to other matters, such as shopping or dining. They return at designated times to collect sparkling clean laundry.

A Bright Future

Will today’s innovative laundromat entrepreneurs succeed in creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities? Business predictions prove difficult sometimes. Yet the weight of evidence suggests that many of the creative individuals working in the laundromat industry today have found a successful marketing niche.

How to Select the Right Door Style For Your Home

The door to your home serves a lot of different purposes like protecting you from the outside elements or intruders. The door to your home can also enhance your curb appeal and raise the value of your home. It is important to select the right door style for your property whether you are looking for a solid panel door or a door with some beautiful glass elements.

Find the Right Materials
A fiberglass door is a sturdy option that can come in many different colors. This type of door is popular because it is an energy efficient option that will keep your home protected from drafts and leaks. It will help to lower your heating and cooling options, and this door style can also enhance the look of your home. These doors are dent resistant and won’t rust. You can choose to have a painted fiberglass door or a fiberglass door that looks like wood.

A steel door is a durable and affordable option. These doors will resist warping and cracking and will not dent. You can have this type of door painted to match your home’s decor. It is a quality investment that will keep your home safe and insulated.

Natural wood doors come in a variety of styles and finishes. You can choose different wood types to help beautify your home. You can also choose wooden doors that have decorative glass options. These doors are a great way to add strength and beauty to your home.

Find the Right Size
When you want to find the right door style, it helps to know what size door you are going to need. You may need a standard size door, or you may need a larger or thicker option. Some doors can even hold double door options. You want to find out what size door you need before you start looking for a replacement.

The right style door will also depend on your budget and other needs. Find out what type of maintenance your door is going to require. You should also find out how long your door is expected to last before you buy it. You should consider what type of hardware you want your door to have and how decorative you want it to be too. The right door style will depend on many things, so be sure to consider all of your needs before rushing into making that big investment. You want to choose a door that you will enjoy using for a long time to come.

Shampoo Secrets: How to find the right Shampoo for your Hair

Ever had someone rave about a certain shampoo, and then have it do nothing for you? That’s because we all have unique hair with specific needs, and how well-suited a shampoo is for your particular hair makes a world of difference. But choosing the right shampoo means understanding the needs of your hair and knowing what to look for. Here’s some advice that will serve you in your quest to find a shampoo that truly makes a difference for your hair.
Evaluate Your Hair
What is it about your hair that you would most like to treat? Do you have dandruff? Is your hair prone to dryness, or is it oily? Curly or straight? Is it fine or coarse? Here are some common remedies for different hair types:

Dry or Curly: Moisture is the key word when it comes to these two types. Avoid sulfates and choose shampoo with good quality moisturizers such as essential oils like jojoba, moroccan, coconut, or argan. These ingredients will penetrate hair and not just coat the strands.

Oily: Resist stripping your hair and scalp with sulfates, which will just make your scalp overcompensate by producing more oil. Instead, use a gentle shampoo that will clean your hair without taking out all the oil.

Fine: Look for volumizing shampoos and lightweight conditioners. You want the conditioner to rinse out really well so your hair remains fluffy and not weighed down.
Dandruff: There are many good shampoos that can help rid your scalp of those pesky flakes. Look for shampoos that contain tea tree oil, coconut oil, or soothing aloe vera. Dandruff is often caused by a dry scalp, so avoid super drying shampoos.

Consider your lifestyle
If you tend to use a lot of product while styling, you’ll need a good clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up. You can tell if you have build up, because your hair still start to feel coarse and grimy. If you’re a swimmer, an extra moisturizing swimmers shampoo is what you’ll need. If you get your hair colored, a toning shampoo or one for color treated hair are good choices. Keep these things in mind while looking for your ideal shampoo.

Familiarize Yourself With Ingredients
One thing that will help you choose the right shampoo is familiarizing yourself with ingredients and what they do. Sulfates will leave your hair squeaky clean, but can be drying when used regularly. Lemon can be a great ingredient for clarifying shampoo, as well as balancing the pH of your scalp. Mint and tea tree oil are invigorating and offer gentle cleansing. Essential oils offer deep moisturizing abilities, but might be too much for fine or oily hair. Keep these ingredients in mind while looking at shampoos.

There are so many kinds of shampoos that entire books could be written about the subject of choosing the right one. However, by following these tips you’ll be able to make smarter choices about selecting a shampoo that will benefit your hair the most.

Start a Military Medal Collection with These Helpful Tips

Collecting military medals is very exciting and rewarding. This is especially true when the military medals were awarded to brave soldiers for heroic actions during battles. Moreover, the military medal market has remained consistently stable and rare or antique medals either retain or increase their value. Therefore, they are a safe and user-friendly investment.

Choose Your Area of Focus Very Carefully
Novice military medal collectors should avoid simply collecting available or interesting medals. Instead, they should research and select a theme or focus area that is personally stimulating and enjoyable. For example, focus on a single country, war and even major battle. This could be something such as the Civil War, the Battle of Waterloo or all of Napoleon’s campaigns. Consider collecting service medal awards from both sides of the cause. Overall, having a strong focus will provide structure and help you organize your collection.

Study History
Once the military medal collector has chosen their specific area of interest, they should consider researching and learning about all applicable historical details. This will be intellectually and financially beneficial to the collector. First, this will provide unique historical insight into an exclusive personal experience. Second, the medal collector will be able to form a unique story, which is both interesting and marketable. That is, collectibles with genuine and meaningful historical insight are much more valuable at an auction for serious medal collectors.

Familiarize Yourself with Appraisals
Besides learning about history, serious medal collectors should learn about how experts establish value and appraise medal pieces. They should learn how specific valuation factors influence price and appeal. For instance, a gallantry award will significantly increase the pieces’ value. Collectors also consider the story behind the medal and the historical significance. Beyond all this, the level of uniqueness and collection quantity also count towards rarity. Finally, the medal’s condition and materials will naturally influence the overall appraisal cost.

Carefully Handle Medals
Military medals, like all historical artifacts, must be properly handled and treated with respect. This means that they must be kept free of dampness and sunlight. Be sure to handle them with gloves or with clean hands. There are cleaning kits available from hobby shops or online companies that will allow you to take proper care of metal pieces. Finally, be sure to keep the medals in a secure place away from boisterous pets, curious children and indifferent adults.

Continual Vigilance
Although the most expensive medals will be found at exclusive, high-profile auctions, many exciting pieces can be found at antique shops, garage sales and even through online classifieds such as eBay or Craigslist. Keep in mind that to the untrained eye, a medal will simply have sentimental value, not financial worth.

In the end, collecting military medals is a thrilling hobby that will help the collector learn and appreciate history and military sacrifices.